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More HK45 / USP commparison pics, this time on the sights

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Hope you guys appreciate this because it is taking a bit to put this together for you. But i have been hearing a bunch of people complain about the HK45 sights, and i for one really like them. These pictures are a comparison between the HK45 and my compact tactical again, with the Novak nights sights which are the best I have seen for night sights...

O.K. the first pic is just my HK45, looks good. the second shows how the sights can really stand out even in a low lighting situation, also this pic displays that really hard to describe but almost perfect contours of the new HK45 grip... see how it gets wider at the palm of your hand? makes for a really comfortable and secure feeling when holding it. But those sights just POP. the next few pictures show the difference between them and my USP CT's... In the all dark pic, the HK45 is the one on the left. Now I know that you will all say, but you have to charge them and after a while they will go out, and to a great extent they do, but this is how it looks pulling it out of my desk drawer and shining my streamlight on it for about 5 sec. It also pics up daylight realy well and the lights always seem to glow even in the day, that is what I like so much about them, they are so much easier to see during the day than regular sights are. Again, hard to describe, but they always stand out. And last night i pulled it out of the desk and with all of the lights out and it sitting in a dark space for several hours, the sights were still just as easy to pick out in total darkness as the USP CT is. I think that is mainly due to the fact that the dots on the HK45 are easily twice as big as the tritium dots in regular night sights, so even when they are fainter than tritium, you can still pick them out easily, but if you have just a little bit of light around before stepping into a dark room, wow, they are fantastic...

Just doing my part to further the awarness of HK45 madness... =)

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