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Kit includes a complete bolt head, that looks to be new in wrap, and a carrier. Not demilled.

Excellent condition all German HK 23E parts kit. No barrel, and, obviously, no receiver. Mike at TSC Machine is familiar with these kits. It has the correct "Gen 4" 1000m 5.56mm rear sight and the correct E series bipod. Very, very few of these kits have ever been available. Here's a link to an online gallery of pictures (click on the thumbnails for full size pictures): / HK 23E Parts Kit

Price is $11,000, plus shipping. Payment by PayPal "Send Money To Friends And Family" option or by USPS Money Orders.

Email me at [email protected]

Remove the words NO and SPAM from the email address. Please don't IM / PM. Email only please.

I can provide references to plenty of 100% positive feedback on multiple sites.

This photo was sent to me when I purchased the kit. The completely intact bolt carrier group assembly may not be visible in the photo, but it is included in the kit. Also, there are pictures of it in the online gallery.

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