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Most Accurate Ammo for the SR9

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What is the most accurate ammo for the SR9?

is it 168 gr? Any particular brand?


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Every gun responds different to ammo.
Same model,brand, year..etc

My SR9 likes ATI, a Turkish Mil-Spec 150 gr surplus ammo. As for 168 gr - it likes Federal Gold Match BTHP.
But IMHO I can not tell much of a differece with the Match ammo and the Turkish ammo so why pay $1.25/round when I can get same result fot $0.39/round

By the way the ATI got REAL BAD reviews and my gun loves it and I have ran over 14 different mfg threw my SR9

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I read somewhere that the polygonal barrel was designed for 168 gr.

Try different type of match rds and see which does better in your gun?

You can google ballistic data on .308 match rds.

I gotta get to the range and do some testing myself.
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