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This might actually be worth it, but I don't have $$$ I'd be willing to spend on it. I found an HK P7M13 pistol, but it's one of the Mexican ones with the sliding safety on it. It is one of two that were supposedly given to the president of Mexico. The guy claims that one is in the HK museum, he has the other one. I asked what he wanted for it, he said "nine....(long pause)... thousand". I took a gulp and said "which, $900, or a thousand? let me get my checkbook." He said no, nine-thousand.

Wow, it is beautiful. Has some script on the slide that's in spanish, and some very faint stampings on it, they look just like round logos that are not really stamped, but changes in the bluing darkness.

Anyone been to the museum that has seen the other one to verify his claim?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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