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Remaining items have been moved to Gunbroker 1/3/2017
Original sales literature, additional photos here
Discreet PayPal, USPS money order, personal check if your established.

1) P30 brochure German text:
Multi page quad fold center, heavy paper stock, satin gloss blue/grey/silver finish.
Minor scuff on front cover with slight wear on edges/corners.
$30 shipped

2) GMG grenade launcher Arabic text:
Trifold, heavy card stock, satin finish
Has a dent/slight scuff(s) on front, binder edge has been folded. Some slight yellowing around the edges and on the folds inside.
$45 shipped

3) MP7a1
color brochure, German text:
Multi page quad fold center, card stock, satin finish.
Minor wear on edges, mark at bottom front cover.
MP7 black and white multi page photo copied article plastic sleeves, tab bound, German text.
$40 shipped SoldDKL

4) MSG90 brochure with specs., English text:
Standard fold open brochure, paper.
Has crease(s) at bottom edge front, some slight spotting on cover with minor denting on front and back.
$15 shipped Sold


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Ill take the MP7 stuff for $40. Also interested in MP5 stuff if you have. Please PM me for shipping/contact info-thanks
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