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mp5-40 supressor mounting question

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This is technically a pistol, though I have my SBR pending, maybe another 2 months???

I have a Gemtech 45 , also pending, due in a month.

My mp5 40 was built 8 years ago by Mike Turner, fluted chamber by Urbach. Runs like a champ. Semi auto only, sadly.

So the thread on the MP5 40 is 14 by .75 RH
and the thread on the gemtech is 1 5/16 by 24

Does anyone know who might make an adapter for this?

Customer service at Gemtech said they do not have an adapter, but they are working on a 3 lug adaptor . Sometime in 2017.

They suggested I contact Mark McWillis at

He did not have anything.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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Try these guys [email protected] or Jason at CMS armory [email protected]
Thank you very much. I have sent them both emails.
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