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I just purchased a Vector V89 Full size pistol in .40 cal. I am looking at spare parts (extractors, extractor springs, ejectors, etc.).

Are there any differences between the 40 and the 9 mm in these areas? What are some other key differences between the 40 and 9?



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Parts that differ from a 9mm on a .40/10:

-A2 stock (has cut out for BHO)
-lower / grip (has cut out for BHO)
-bolt carrier
-bolt head
-locking piece
-extractor spring
-possibly roller holder (depending on 9mm version, wire holder on action 3 9mm is compatible)
-mags (obviously)
-cocking lever assembly

Basically most of your wear parts are different.

ETA: The recoil guide rod assembly may also be different.
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