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Hey guys!

I'm relatively new to hkpro but have browsed the message boards for a long while before joining. A buddy of mine and I are looking for someone to help/guide us in completing our mp5 builds. We basically don't have much welding skill, but have completed many other gun builds including Ak's/1911's from 80% receivers, so we are at least competent in other aspects of building.

We bent our flats and did basic mig welding to hold them together, and demilled our parts kits. I'm pretty much ready to weld up the gun now (trunnion, cocking tube, rear sight mount, scope tab etc etc). Wondering if there is anyone here that would be willing to show us the ways of the build (how to properly align everything etc.) I would try to learn how to weld but I am a student and have nowhere to store the equipment and I have had to resort to finding people that would be willing to let me borrow or rent tooling.

Anyone out there? Willing to compensate however I can. Located in Utah County.


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