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An SP5 for $2300? Man, I'd snag that deal up right away. I recently just picked up a brand new Zenith Z5RS that was on consignment for $2200. It was from one of the ones from the good batches of shipments. I figured new shipments were not going to come in anymore so I jumped on it. PTR's are the most common MP5 clones available at a decent price.
That is what I paid for my SP5k's about three ish years ago from Cabela's and I did wait for them for at least six months. Bought two sequentially numbered ones. Still have them NIB, but I'm considering firing them.

Not today mind you, but one day.

And as of this afternoon, SP5k's (two on GB) - are listed at $2695 and the other at $2950.

Like I said, I'm not selling them now. Might never sell them. Let my wife sell them when I'm dead.

Still have my eye on an MP5 40 clone.... IF I could get a real MP5 40, I would try. But as of now, that is not possible.

I'm NOT saying HK as an investment. But chances are HIGH that you will at least get your money BACK if you purchase a real HK.
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