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MP5 Feed issue, help!?

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Hello, i have a special weapons SW5A in 9mm that will not feed when i slap the charging handle because the bolt does not travel far enpugh back to pick up a round. If i manually pull the charging handle to its rear most position i can then get it to feed correctly, and it fires semi-auto just fine thereafter. What is going on here? Im using an '84 HK mag, fyi. Thanks!
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Does the cocking tube slide with no resistance when the carrier is removed? And... does the bolt and carrier slide through the receiver with no resistance? If yes to either one of those, fix that first. Then check the recoil spring. One other possibility is that the hold-open notch is too far forward, either from wear, or from a cocking tube that wasn't quite snugged up to the receiver when it was welded.
Yeah, if it's literally not back far enough to strip a round at all, that's a big problem. I don't know how the notch could even wear that far. Another possibility - the hole for the cocking handle in the cocking tube is drilled in the wrong spot. If it was too far away from the front, it wouldn't push the carrier backward far enough. Or the entire tube could simply be too short. Or heck, could an mp5k carrier cause this problem? Did they use US made cocking tubes? If that's the case it could be as simple as changing the tube, or bolt carrier. If it works totally fine after the first shot is fired, I bet it's an issue with the cocking tube or bolt carrier. Get some pics of the carrier and maybe the cocking tube and we may be able to tell.

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