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MP5 Feed issue, help!?

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Hello, i have a special weapons SW5A in 9mm that will not feed when i slap the charging handle because the bolt does not travel far enpugh back to pick up a round. If i manually pull the charging handle to its rear most position i can then get it to feed correctly, and it fires semi-auto just fine thereafter. What is going on here? Im using an '84 HK mag, fyi. Thanks!
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Some of the SW5 guns had out of spec bolt carriers and cocking tubes.

I had one where the bolt carrier upper was a bit short- but still worked fine (.5" fudge factor to play with). In order to fit an in-spec bolt carrier, the cocking tube had to be shaved down.

If a bad enough combo of parts got in there, I could see your problem happening.

A new bolt carrier or cocking tube may fix your issue, but if they set the stop piece for the cocking tube too far back, you'll have false bolt gap issues. Ideal fix if that happens is to un-weld the stop ring and weld it back in the RIGHT place.

Best to let an expert check it out, or someone local who knows what they're doing.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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