Gonna sell a few extra magazines I have in one post. First I’ll take it with the name of the item takes it. Please make sure these magazines are legal in your state.

I will accept Zelle and money orders. I got rid of PayPal because I’m tired of their anti gun stance. If you decide to pay with a money order please give it extra time to receive your item. Thank you

5 MP5 mags.
Up first are 5 close to brand new German made 30 round MP5 mags. 4 nearly perfect and one has a couple of loading marks on it. None have been shot out of and all must be purchased together $300 shipped SOLD!!!!

1 RAL8000 MP5 mag
brand new - $80 shipped SOLD!!!!

1 LE only MP5 mag
Used Law Enforcement only mag. IK date code - $115 shipped SOLD!!!!!

1 Straight SD MP5 mag
Used SD marked magazine 11/74date code. $125 shipped SOLD!!!!

MP5k/SP5k Vertical Grip
Brand new German made grip. NFA rules apply. $65 shipped. SOLD!!!