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MP5 SD clone ?s

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I've been debating a MP5 (actually HK-94) clone for years and am finally ready to take the plunge, so I am on the lookout for a good Vector or Bobcat clone on the secondary market.

In the meantime, I've never liked the fake suppressors/barrel extensions that these clones come with--they just look too fake too me--and SBRs are illegal where I am. So I've decided to set mine up as a clone of the MP5 SD model, since, IMHO, these clones strike me as nicer (and somewhat less fake) looking.

IIRC, several companies used to make inexpensive sleeves to make HK-94s & clones look like the MP5 SD, but a quick Google search today turned up nothing. Anyone know if these are still made, and where I can find them? Many thanks!

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I bought one from E&L. Not too bad, and at least it covers up the long skinny 16" barrel on my clone. I want to get my barrel shortened at some point, but it works just fine for now. I had to do a little light sanding on the seams and painted it to take the plastic sheen off, but overall it looks decent.

Of course, I also have been toying with the idea of taking my rig up to RTDS and just getting the real thing done. My biggest problem is getting authorization from the wife to let me spend an additional $1600 on the gun. I think she's still pissed about the initial purchase.
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