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My dear friends,

I need some help here. I bought a Special Weapons (MP5 clone) IBMP5-190 9mm Standard Painted Barreled Upper from Black Market parts. I was waiting to order the bolt group from them. I waited forever and they still didn't get any in. So I ordered one from Adam at HK parts. "MP5K, SP89 Bolt Group- US, German HK" Well it doesn't fit? I am thinking there is a longer one and the K model is shorter. Tried to contact both companies about the problem and I have received no reply. I have never had any problem talking to them or contacting them, until now.
I just want to make sure I am ordering the correct part to get a functioning gun. Thank you for any help! Details below.

Barrel: 8.75" 3 lug
Receiver: 9 1/4"
Model: SW 89
Manufacture: Special Weapons
Purchased from: Black Market Parts
Part number: IBMP5-190 9mm Standard Painted Barreled Upper

Bolt: MP5K, SP89 Bolt Group- US, German HK
Spring: 6 7/8"
Purchased from: HK parts

What part do I need to make this an operational gun?


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Why BMP lists the standard MP5 dimensioned upper as SW89 is a mystery because K = Kurz = short and 89 in any other lingo is associated with MP5K.

Oh well.....

As HK556WI indicates, the K carrier you bought is shorter than the MP5 carrier you need. Also the locking piece is tapered (timed) differently than your "not-K" receiver requires so you 'll need either those pieces for the MP5 (not K) or the whole group. Your bolt head and other parts will work in both the MP5 or the MP5K, so you could replace just the carrier and LP. You'll need the MP5 recoil spring as well.

Check your PM
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