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Hey guys! I'd love to see the new B&T regular and short suppressors attached to your MP5's(with any other additional pics) and hear about your experiences on those.

Also If anyone use the Ti-Rant 45 with AAC triad adaptor - how is it working out for you?
I've just picked up a 3 lug adaptor for my Ti-rant 45 to use on my future SP5K SBR with the B&T barrel. The piston is stuck inside the body of the adaptor and I couldn't remove it without risking to damage it, so it's on the way to AAC now(brand new unit). I'm sure they'll take care of the problem but worried a bit on a future use, with all the carbon build up, heat, etc. Also the instructions say you must use a smooth thread protector for the barrel. How important is this? Thanks for your responses!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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