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I just discovered this website this week and couldn't help reading all the informative posts. You guys are awesome.
My first firearm is a P2000 which I bought last year (I love HK) and this week after discovering that there are MP5K clones out there,
I could not stop researching to figure out how to obtain a decent copy to Kali.
Please chime in.

This is what I know that are available out there:
- ATI MKE AT94K are nice clones but are no longer available/imported unless I can find one in state to PPT. I guess this applies to all cases.
- Coharie CA89k mixed reviews, and I would like a better quality pistol.
- Vector Arms SP89 has good reviews but cannot get it direct (I contacted Atlantic Firearms, they said barrel is too short)
- Bellator Arms SP89K, mixed reviews but cannot get it direct (I contacted Atlantic Firearms, they said barrel is too short)
- HK SP89 - the original. Most I see for sale in state are new and are very expensive. If I had an NIB, I'd probably won't use it. So no.
- D54KP-N Reverse-Stretch from Dakota Tactical. From, it says that there is a California-compliant version. I'll contact Chopstix Kid about this. Has anybody bought one for Cali?
- Others from custom builders

I called locally to ask for info. I was told that if I find a MP5K clone out-of-state, I can purchase it and have a middle man put a bullet button on it before transferring to my local dealer.
My local dealer can extend the barrel to SSE it, then revert back to short barrel after DROS. I can even AOW to put the K grip if I really wanted to. They said cannot put a stock on, because that would be SBR but that's a no go in Cali.

My local shop can get me a Bellator SP89K, but I would like a higher quality clone (and the MP5K look). I'd really like to get the D54KP-N Reverse-Stretch, but the wait maybe very long from Dakota Tactical.
Sorry, if I got any of my terminology wrong.

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well moving might sound good, but cmon we are here in kali and lets get real. there are ways of having whatever you want here if you can shop right. try a builder who is kali compliant and see what options they may give you. or build one, thru the local builders, and making it kal compliant. and moving to another state may sound good and cutting taxes but here in kali if you have a job its more than likely its a good one, not min. wage.
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