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Mp5kSD build.

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New to the hk forum and to hk builds in general. I'm and American married to a ukrainian and living in ukraine. Here ther are no real gun laws, and what there is, is not enforced. This country is at war and, at least in the east, and police actually smile when you have a gun as they know you are protecting the country.
My question is this: I have an hk mp5k flat and some other parts I brought from the staes. I also have an SD supressor, as suppressors here in ukraine are not concidered firearms, thus are not illegal or controled.
Is it possible to build an mp5k with a SD barrel, k cocking tube, SD front sight using a k trunnion and bolt and a cut down barrel shroud?
I'm sorry if this topic has already been discussed. Not familiar with the search function like the younger generation is.
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We have built them in the past we use the factory 4" barrel and machine it down to SD specs with ports. Its a very quiet package with a 10" sd suppressor instead of the regular 12". The cage is much shorter and that is the hardest part to do right.
Good luck they are fun.
Dang, that thing is sexy. Added to wish list...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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