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MP5SD Build Help, Newbie here.

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I'm new to this site, but not to the NFA world. I need help in picking out the right parts to build a proper MP5SD clone.

I prefer parts that just "plug-in-play" but if I cannot get around that then I have gunsmiths around me that would be able to do it.

I'm currently looking at the Omega SD Upper Receiver from Atlantic Firearms,, as well as a 2-position sear pack, B&T QD can and retractable stock.
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Or I could go with the Omega stripped receiver and look for parts that would complete the build.

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My main questions are:
1. What should I start with, a complete SD upper or stripped upper?
2. Where can I find a complete SD parts list containing every single part by name?
3. What would you, a MP5SD owner, recommend I do?

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Omega receiver $1700 +
US bolt carrier assembly $500 +/-
Semi trigger group with US parts $300 - $600 +/- depending upon type (SEF vs Ambi)
Suppressor $500 - $600

You're getting awful close to the cost of a turn key SD from TPM Outfitters who have an excellent rep here on the board. TPM P5SD A3 W/ Can SBR, MP5SD, Hk94, Sp89 H&K : Short Barrel Rifles (SBR) at

My opinion, spend the extra and go with TPM. You won’t be disappointed.
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