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MP5SD Build Help, Newbie here.

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I'm new to this site, but not to the NFA world. I need help in picking out the right parts to build a proper MP5SD clone.

I prefer parts that just "plug-in-play" but if I cannot get around that then I have gunsmiths around me that would be able to do it.

I'm currently looking at the Omega SD Upper Receiver from Atlantic Firearms,, as well as a 2-position sear pack, B&T QD can and retractable stock.
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Or I could go with the Omega stripped receiver and look for parts that would complete the build.

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My main questions are:
1. What should I start with, a complete SD upper or stripped upper?
2. Where can I find a complete SD parts list containing every single part by name?
3. What would you, a MP5SD owner, recommend I do?

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See your other thread in Rookie section-

I reccomend contacting TPM Outfitters, and buying one of their factory SBR options with suppressor. They should be able to file all your NFA paperwork and handle transfer for you, but you'd want to verify that with them.
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