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We had have numerous requests through our various social media platforms regarding our opinions on the various MP5SD silencers that are currently available. I will sticky this thread as a reference point for those that are interested in our thoughts.

Currently, we have 4 SD cans in our inventory for commentary...

1) 1980's era original German HK MP5SD silencer. Made completely from aluminum this lightweight can set the standard.

2) 1990's era KAC MP5SD silencer as required by NSW. Fully welded and made from stainless steel, this can could withstand the harsh sea environment. Even with its smaller diameter, it is extremely quiet. These are considered by many to be the unicorn.

3) DT logo'd @brugger_and_thomet MP5SD silencer. Made from a mix of aluminum and steel, this is the current can provided to HK Germany from B&T Switzerland. It delivers exceptional sound reduction with very minimal blowback to the operator. This can is now available on the U.S. commercial market.

4) The new @silencerco Omega 9SD. Fully welded alloy construction, it delivers the same durability as their proven Omega 9K silencer with some very impressive sound numbers.

We will be doing side-by-side comparisons on volume, tone and accuracy in the following weeks.

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