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MP5SD THUMBS UP, USP 9mm Fail...

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MP5SD built by Ken at TPM Outfitters. I had put about 250 rounds through it at the dealers indoor range while I was waiting for the 2 tax stamps to come back. Unfortunate, I don't have the "FUN" button.... yet. (Am accepting donations BTW) It didn't get cleaned until I brought it home at the end of December. While at the dealers range, it would only shoot AND cycle Winchester 124g NATO (Q4318-NOT WWB) It seems to need the higher pressures to get the bolt all the way back to eject the spent brass. I have not yet checked the bolt gap but I will look into it (not that I think its an issue). Well after a VERY good cleaning with CLP it was ready to go. Am reading up on what to use to clean it and so far, I've found that CLP or Rem Oil in the spray can will do a very good job of getting everything loose. Using a stiff nylon bristle brush, I can almost brush off the carbon.

New Years Day: what a great way to start the new year. Went to the local outdoor range and got to play. Stacked a mag and racked it. It popped a little louder on the first 2 or 3 rounds fired in succession.... ahhh... the infamous "first pop" that I've read about for about the past 8 months. It is an aluminum suppressor but it wasn't, or at least I didn't notice a "ping" that I've read that aluminum suppressors will make. It was just like a "Pop" with a capital "P" and then quieted down to a "_op" after putting a couple more through it. :D Still using the Winchester 124g, it cycled flawlessly. We put about 30 rounds through it at a time off and on for about 2 hours. Average "cool down" time between firings was about 10 min. The suppressor never got above "too hot to handle" but did warm up to where it was said "dang that's warm". Mind you, not burn your fingers hot like a 5.56 or 7.62 will make one. (Note: The 9mm doesn't put out as much hot gasses as the larger calibers but it still has a lot of blow back into the bolt group.I'd recommend to anyone wanting a suppressor for an AR, be sure to look into getting a Short Store Piston Kit. Suppressors "dim" the volume by hanging onto the hot gasses and a lot of that gas gets vented back through to the bolt and right up close to your face. Just keep in mind that you'll have a nice smoke screen around you in less than 5 rounds without it.)

Did a very rapid (my best attempt at full auto duplication) testing. The range master came over to investigate why I had a butt stock on the weapon. It was the "pistol" range section. (Quick Vote: Sub guns... what range should I have used? Pistol or rifle?) I just told him that it IS a 9mm and if there was a real big issue with it, I could just collapse the A3 stock. :) He just warned that the owner really didn't like rifles on the pistol range but as long as we were being safe, he didn't really care either way. Then it dawned on me... He hadn't HEARD us shooting it, he just saw the stock! (LOL to self!!! Rubbing hands together "Excellent....") Then he stuck around for a moment while I popped in a fresh mag and went to town.

Went down to the rifle range to after that to sight in an AR I have. Once we got it pretty good with open sights at 100yrds, I pulled out the SD. Those .38cal size holes were a lot easier to see than the .22 caliber at distance. Selected the smallest diameter aperture and held the top of the front post at the head. The sights were placed and welded properly... so says the 30 rounds that all hit center mass on paper at 100yrds. Very easy to control with the A2 stock and much more pleasurable for the cheek when drawing a sight picture... but common, the A3 just looks way cooler! (Charlie Sheen, NAVY SEALS anyone?) With almost no muzzle rise it was VERY EASY to hit follow up shot after follow up shot. I am greatly pleased with the overall package of the weapon. Lite enough, 2/3 points of contact, plenty of purchase on the pistol grip and a couple different ways to hold the forearm allow for very comfortable shooting.

Concerns: Just doesn't want to eject 115grn or non-NATO 124grn ammo. Still hoping that it needs to be broken in a little more and that problem will go away.

NOW for the USP 9mm Fail.... My brothers gun. He bought it brand new. Has two, made in Germany, from the factory, 15rnd magazines. My first three shots were fine but apparently it was loaded "incorrectly". The magazine follower had TILTED or the bullet had been tilted and it jammed the ammo in the magazine. I'm guessing that it was because the bullet was put in at a bad angle (incorrectly) and caused the error. I found evidence to support this theory later on while loading one of the mags myself. I had almost loaded a round pointing up, and then loaded another round facing forward. It was just an observation. Has anyone else had or noticed this issue? Bullets jamming in the magazine or causing them to jam?

NOTE: Finding it hard to clean the chamber face well and area around the trunion enough to say its "sterile" so I broke down and ordered a chamber face brush kit, a barrel flute brush and the special SD cleaning brush. It IS a shooter, not a safe queen - but I will of course keep it as clean as I can... just in case I have to perform some kind of surgical precision rodent killing...
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