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Newest Innovation
Cal. 4.6mm x 30

Gun Product Machine Trigger Cylinder

It goes without saying that the engineers at HK are not content to rest on their laurels. There is much under development whose information will only be released to the public perhaps years from now. Latest to become from HK, and first seen here in detail is the "PDW." PDW stands for 'Personal Defense Weapon.' This unfortunately is going to be a bit confusing for the student of HK, because this is the third firearm by HK to have 'PDW''as either all or part of its name. The others are: MP5K-PDW, and the prototype G11 PDW.

What appears upon first look to be a weapon design to compete with the FN series P90 in 5.7mm x 28, the PDW promises to be a huge improvement on that system. Though no one could fault the engineers at Fabrique Nationale for their vision, the P90 has one reported serious flaw. If you drop a partially loaded magazine, or the gun with a partially loaded magazine, rounds will go flying, get disoriented in the magazine and seriously jam the mechanism.

The heavy use of polymer again shows the design direction that the HK engineers are taking. With a conventional 20 round magazine in the pistol grip or an optional 40 round magazine that extends below the gun, one of the most amazing aspects of the gun is its size, or lack thereof. It is only slightly larger than a SOCOM pistol!

Sporting a retractable shoulder stock and a very small heads up display sight reminiscent of the Eotech/Bushnell Holosight, the PDW also has a T-shaped cocking handle somewhat like the M16 series.

Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory

Select fire, with safe, semi and full auto modes of fire, and production models sporting the now familiar red and white bullet in box pictograms, the stated cyclic rate on full automatic is 950 rpm. The PDW has a foldable forward vertical grip. The magazine is conventional staggered box, and the magazine release behind the trigger guard looks almost interchangeable with the USP series handguns.

Several features of the G36 series are present in the PDW as you can see in the photos below. Extensive use of polymer, the rotating bolt and gas system all reflect the G36 series.

The PDW is a quintessential reminder of the lead that HK continues to take in small arms design.

Update: 11/2001: The PDW has been named MP7 now that it is in production. Below is the production version. Notice the heavier buttstock, slightly changed markings, locking system on foregrip, flash hider and open sight option.

Gun Firearm Trigger Machine gun Gun accessory

PDW Technical Specifications
Overall Length:13.38 in./ 340mm (stock closed)21.19 in./ 541mm (stock open)
Barrel Length:7.09 in.180mm
Width:1.89 in.48mm
Height:6.77 in.172mm
Unloaded wt. (20 rnd. mag):2.64 lb.1.20 kg
Loaded with 20 rounds:2.86 lb.1.30 kg
Loaded with 40 rounds:3.39 lb.1.54 kg

Gun Trigger Shooting Shooting sport Hand

4.6 x 30 Ammunition Technical Specifications

Cartridge Length:1.5 in.38mm
Projectile weight:24.7 grains1.6 g
Case length:1.18 in.30mm
Ballistics/Velocity:2379 fps725 m/sec
Ballistics/Muzzle Energy:312 ft/lb420 joule
Projectile composition:Copper plated solid steel bullet

Gun Firearm Trigger Finger Thumb





Gelatine block at 50 m.*280mm230mm
Energy Transfer thru armor**:220 joule180 joule
Titanium/Kevlar Penetration*>200m140m
Energy xfer thru armor 100m**115 joule65 joule
* 20 % Gelatine block 300mm long ** 1.6mm Titanium + 20 layers of Kevlar

Gun Firearm Trigger Finger Hand

PDW v. FN P90 Ammunition
PDW (4.6 x 30)P90 (5.7 x 28)
Projectile weight:24.7 grains31 grains
Muzzle Velocity:2,378 f/sec2,346 f/sec
Muzzle Energy:310 f/lb
Armor Penetration 1.6mm Titanium/20 layers Kevlar> 200 m150 m
Max. Effective Range:> 200 m200 m

Military uniform Soldier Uniform

Magazine Vehicle Trigger
PDW featured on the cover of the 1/1/00 issue of Deutsches Waffen Journal

Technology Animation Artist
Engineers in Oberndorf with CAD model of PDW on computer screen.

Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory Airsoft gun
Left side of prototype model PDW, serial number 164-002. The production models are reportedly identified this way, but the white and red circular dots for the fire selector have been replaced with the familiar bullet pictograms. Note the USP style mag. release.

Gun Firearm Trigger Gun accessory Air gun
Right side of prototype model PDW, serial number 164-002.

Closeup of the illuminated reticle sight.

Cocking handle of the PDW retracted. Directly below is retracted buttstock.

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Revolver
The PDW stripped into major sub-assemblies. 40 round magazine at far right.

Tool accessory
Bolt assembly. PDW bolt is strikingly similar to the G36 bolt.

Ammunition Bullet Brass Gun accessory Metal
From left to right, prototype cartridges 1 & 2, production round, and blank.

Metal Trigger Hardware accessory
Prototype PDW test fixture. Notice similarity of the gas system to the G36 series.
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