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MR223A1 Barrel life question

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I tried searching, but only found a thread from 2012.

What kind of barrel life have you guys seen on the MR223A1 series of rifles?
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I know that battlefield los vegas said theirs was shot out in 10,000 rounds of full auto, which is exceptional for a non chrome lined barrel.
HK says they give 10.000 rounds warranty on MR223 barrel. I know guy who replaced his barrel with some 23K rounds. In 2 cases when barrel stopped performing under 10K rounds (one around 2K, one close to 5K) HK replaced barrel on warranty.

BTW MR223A3 barrel is chrome lined. Good news for those who are afraid of barrel life.
I cannot speak to the MR223A3, but I shot the barrel out of a MR5556 (not chrome lined) at about 12K. No full auto fire. A mixture of low and high round count drills. Based on the firing schedule, I was happy with this service life.
AFAIK guy that shot barrel in 23K got it to keyhole on every ammo used. So for some his barrel would probably be shot out much earlier. It was also not chrome lined.

BTW I managed to make my MR223 barrel to start keyholing in 6000 rounds (with 62gr and lighter ammo, 77gr was still "sub-MOA"). But in this case really deep cleaning and liberal use of copper remover brought barrel back to factory performance.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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