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MR223A3 with Different Caliber Uppers

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Does anyone have experiences with different caliber uppers on an MR223A3?

In NL, I am limited in the number of firearms I can own (5), but I can have any number of uppers for a single, registered lower. Specifically, I will be considering a .22, 7.62x39 and perhaps a 9mm upper.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Not sure if the MR223 is different, but one of the great things about AR's in general is the ability to swap out uppers and essentially get an entirely different rifle. .22 upper is great as a trainer. Cheap ammo and no recoil. I have a 7.62 x 39 upper as well. Nice blaster. I use mostly cheap steel cased ammo, so it's not as accurate as 5.56, but still a ton of fun to shoot. If you are looking to shoot longer distances, the 6.5 grendel in a great round. Not sure what the laws are in NL, but if you can have a suppressor, 300 Blackout is definitely something you should consider as the subsonic rounds work great with a suppressor.

Ultimately, what direction you go with additional uppers all depends on what type of shooting you want to do.
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