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MR223A3 with Different Caliber Uppers

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Does anyone have experiences with different caliber uppers on an MR223A3?

In NL, I am limited in the number of firearms I can own (5), but I can have any number of uppers for a single, registered lower. Specifically, I will be considering a .22, 7.62x39 and perhaps a 9mm upper.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Probably the fastest way to egg-out lower pin holes and deadline a lower receiver is to put in a blow-back action .22lr or 9mm upper receiver.

No idea if that kind of thing matters to you guys in Europe and replacement parts and which part is regulated/classified as the "firearm" in your respective nation

Here, with MR556 lowers fetching $1400+'s stupid (just putting this out there for the local boys).
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