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MR556A1 Mag Question

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Will the preban (NYS) colt 30 rnd mags work in my MR556A1? Apparently the Magpul Pmags do not work but the Emags re:export do. I guess what I'm asking is would old preban mags work in the MR? Or is there a specific mag I should be looking to buy that will be functional and legal (post ban 10 rnd in NY). Would like to stay away from the pinned 30's, don't like the idea of all that extra mag length sticking out of the gun for no reason. Tnx

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Normal metal AR mags work fine in the MR556, pre-ban or post ban doesn't matter. Pmags and the original Lancer L5s are about the only mags that won't work. Not sure if the old thermolds will work.
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