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I'm considering having my MR762 Cerakoted in RAL8000, but ... how would this work? Obviously the cerakoting will cover all the HK markings and safety markings. Do cerakote applicators fill those back in? Or ... how would this be done?
It actually wouldn't just cover them, they would be removed before the coating is applied. Cerakote requires a rough surface (rough to a microscope, but still smooth to the touch) to properly bond, so the parts will be bead-blasted clean first. There are different ways to put them back on, for example, they could be cut into the metal with a laser marking machine or engraver so they have depth. Then once they are Cerakoted, they could be filled back in with laquer-stik to give them color. You may see if anyone has laser marked after Cerakoting, not sure if it would work well or not.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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