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A buddy of mine gets the Rock Island Auction company's catalog, and I was surprised to see an HK MSG-90 listed as being up for auction.

As I understood it, the MSG-90 was not allowed to be owned by civilians because it had a push pin lower and, hence, was considered to be a machine gun. I know that HK machine guns are legal to own, but I was under the impression that no MSG-90's were registered prior to the ban, making them effectively restricted to law enforcement and dealers only. The auction doesn't list particulars about legality of ownership, but I was hoping one of my fellow HKPro members could clarify this for me.

If any of you are interested, the auction can be found at The rifle is listed in book one of the online catlog. Do a search for Hecker and Koch.

Please note that I have no vested interest in this company or their goods. I was just interested in the legalities of owning such a rifle. Besides, at $8-11k, which is what they expect to get for it, it is a bit out of my price range.

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