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My 2nd HK... and questions

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Hey guys,

It has been a while since I posted but I have still been on the site from time to time. About a year ago I got my first HK, a P2000 9mm LEM, and I still carry it everyday. I put the 2000 rounds through it with no cleaning of any kind and am happy to report ZERO problems... and have carried it ever since. After that, and after reading many posts on here, I decided it was time for HK #2. I sold my M&P and took the loot to put towards a
HK45C. I have put 150 (more this weekend) rounds through it so far and LOVE IT!!! The HK45C will be my new goto gun, and with your help, my EDC. I think I have narrowed it down to 3 IWB holsters, although I am open to any other suggestions. I am looking at the CB Supertuck, Comp-Tac Ctac/Mtac, or the Raven holster. I am leaning towards the Raven becuase I THINK you can have it molded to carry SA Safety On(?) at least that is what the options on the website leads me to believe. Also, I plan on getting night sights right away (mepros, have them on my P2000 and love them) will the Raven holster still fit just fine with meps on the pistol?

Sorry, can't get pic attached, ill keep trying

Any advise on holsters is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.

Also, thanks to all you guys at HKPRO who unknowingly convinced me to get this HK, I could not be happier!
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I use the Milt Sparks VMII, and love it for the HK45C. I also use their 55BN for OWB carry. I know that these are not on your list, but they are worth a try and can be sold for little loss if you change your mind.

Holsters are so personal though, and what I love you may hate. My suggestion is to order something from CompTac for quick delivery, and get the Sparks and Raven on order to try out. Sell what you don't like.
2000 rounds no cleaning whatsoever and zero problems.....SWEET.
Glad to hear it buddy!

Im eyeing the HK45c like crazy. Love my USP .45
Cross Breed is always a good, reliable bet for IWB, although not the only good one. I have one each for the USPc and fs .45s and for the P2000SK.
Congrats on your 45c. Mine is one of my very favorite carry guns. I use a Raven Phantom for mine(OWB), and carry it cocked and locked. I also have Meps on mine, and they fit the Raven just fine. There will be an uber-long wait, but well worth it in the end, IMHO.
Check out Occidental Leather, these holsters are designed by Tim Thurner and manufactured by his father's business. I love the Stronghold Phoenix! Custom leather without the custom wait, but be prepared to pay.
I use Garrett Industries Silent Thunders for my three HKs (P2000SK, HK45C, & P30 - all LEM), as well as for my S&W revolvers. Leather lined Kydex, I love them.

I've carried the 45C, but prefer the P2000SK with a P30 magazine reload.
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Finally got the picture to post (i hope), sorry for the Cell phone quality. The nice gentlemen even through in a free calendar.

NIB HK45C....

Thanks guys for the advice. I think I will either order the Ctac (and order the Phantom and wait 6 months) or the try out the Stronghold Phoenix (thanks GT, those look nice). I have never carried with a leather holster, how do they conceal compared to a kydex or hybrid (i have a crossbreed for my P2000)? The reason I liked the Raven so much is the fact they mold it for cocked and locked. I have heard "stories" of some holsters (kydex/leather?) switching the safety off, is this common with leather, or with the Phoenix specifically (GT?)? It is certainly a hike in the price for the Phoenix, but a nice weapon deserves a nice home and not to mention the wait is incredibly good compared to others (MS, Raven, etc...) I do want a holster sooner than later so I can train for a while before I EDC with it.

Thanks again guys,
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