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HK 45 $949

I just got my brand spanking new HK 45 from ML Security Pro. By far the easiest gun transaction I've done. The staff at ML was super professional, friendly and helpful at the same time. I would continue to do all my firearms related transactions thru them. The gun was actually delivered to my LE agency before the e-mail from UPS arrived stating I was getting a package.

As for the gun, it is fantastic. HK did a really good job of keeping the strong points of the USP and eliminating the weaknesses. The first is the new sights. They are larger and easier to pick up for combat shooting. I was also VERY impressed by the new non radioactive night sights, which need to be charged with a light source, which was as simple as turning on the light of my cell phone and holding it up to the sights for 10 seconds. That got me a full glow for over 20 minutes. The rounded off edges make the gun easier to draw, holster and conceal. The trigger pull is cleaner and shorter than my USP full size, especially on the seer reset. The ambi safety enlargement and added ambi slide release are really easy to find and operate with large motor skills in mind. The larger safety/ decocking lever also makes the gun easier to put into battery.

The accuracy is almost identical to my USP, which is great, since the USP I carried on duty for 11 years was the most accurate handgun I ever FIRED . at less than 50 yards, there was absolutely NO difference. At 50 plus, I found my new HK 45 shot about 2 inches high. But I believe that that might actually be caused by the bullet coming out of the slightly longer barrel with more velocity and staying true for a little bit longer, as opposed to my USP, which I think started to drop at 50 or so. I did not notice any difference with the added "O" ring, since accuracy was still at the highest level, except for press checking. Between the new recoil spring and the "o" ring, it is hard to press check, even with the front serations. I have to pull it back into SA and then press check and then decock. I figure the "o" ring will wear out after a couple thousand rounds, but that's OK since they sent me 6 extras with the interchangeable backstarp. Speaking of, the gun feels great in my hand, so I haven't tried the smaller part.

The only noticeable difference was slightly more recoil, which I attribute to the loss of the double compensated recoil springs being replaced with the polymer buffer on a single spring. The recoil difference was only NOTICEABLE and did not actually affect the performance. I am just so used to how the USP operates after 14000-15000 rounds, I could tell the difference, but it was certainly acceptable.

Anyone willing to shell out the money (as compared to the Glock or Smith, for example) will NOT be disappointed. It is an excellent duty and concealed carry gun. And ML Security did a great job providing service and getting thru all of the ATF red tape properly.

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Well, I'm back in the HK clan, and also got a new HK45 with a 3-digit serial number.

I first handled the new HK45 at the NRA annual meeting in St. Louis back in April, and I was sold. I have over 25 Glocks, and have basically been a Glock guy for the last 15 years (going there from 1911s). This HK has all other handguns beaten. I imagine this pistol will keep me happy for the last 15 years of my career. Unbelieveable grip ergonomics and security. This is the first plastic-framed pistol that gives me confidence in a one-handed grip in snow, rain, blood, sweat, tears, etc.! Now, I just have to find the money to afford some extra mags! :)
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