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My new MP5 from chopstix

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Received my MP5 from chopstix today. All I can say is it is awsome, well worth the wait!!!!! Will be posting pics as soon as the camera nazi (wife) gets home and takes some pics. Shot a couple of rounds before the hail started, can't wait to hit the range. SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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We got to get together and do some shooting!!
For sure, need to burn some ammo!!!!
Pics or it didn't happen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets see some gun porn!
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Couldn't wait on my wife to take pics, thats why they are crappy. Here it is!!!
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Did it comes as an SBR ? I get excited everytime someone posts a pic because I'm 1 closer .
Did it comes as an SBR ? I get excited everytime someone posts a pic because I'm 1 closer .
I built it on a form 1, had Joe do the major work. Actually he had to do a lot of extra work, the special weapons receiver I used was so out of spec he had to re-do almost every weld and replace the weldment kit. Will not buy another special weapons receiver. It took me a year (started it after Knob Creek last April), 2 months to figure out I was over my head and 10 months to get it finished from Joe. He is turning out more and more product everyday since he has gotten his new shop up and running. Wait will be well worth it.
Looks really good man!
Joe does great work.
Thats a great looking gun I can't wait to get my hands on one to play with
The SW receiver took at bit of work but i think we got there with it. I appreciate your patience, thank you :)
Looks SPECTACULAR! Congrats!

Some day, one will live in my safe...
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