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my Shiney new Christmas present

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Finally joined the SS club. here is my Christmas present with the rest of the family.

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Very, Very Nice.
Do the kids ask, "Gee dad which one of us do you love the most?" And, like any diplomatic parent you respond...,"I love you all equally.".

BS my favorite is the P2000sk LEM.
Welcome to the SS club. Those USP compacts have a great feel.

Great looking collection that you have started there.


Looks nice, I like my USPc .40 SS.
My first rifle was stainless. Its not as "flashy" as some think. Its more of a refined thing for those of us with good taste!
thanks all - since my USP is all black I went for something different and really like it. I think they are becoming hard to find too. especially in 9mm. it shoot real nice and its nice that it shares mags with the P2k and sk.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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