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My UMP conversion

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I took out my USC/UMP 9mm conversion today, and had some issues. On the last round of every magazine, the brass would not eject. Sometimes it would just be sitting on top of the empty mag, other times it got stuck under the bolt. 3 different types of ammo, with and without the suppressor, same problems. I'm leaning toward the a new extractor, but I've only put about 1k rounds through the gun.

Any suggestions?
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The extractor doesn't "know" its the last round per se. How many mags did you try?
4 out of 5 mags, all had the same problem.

When I hand cycle the gun, the empty brass kind of rolls off the top of the next round in the mag, and ejects. When the mag is empty, it hits the feed lips and gets jammed. I'm hoping to take it apart this weekend, but work might get in the way until late next week.
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