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I found that when the USP’s hammer is fully cocked back there is a lot of slack or “creep” in the trigger you have to pull before you get anywhere close to getting the hammer to fall. I was told this creep or slack is typical of SA/DA pistols designs and there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about it except for maybe getting a match trigger installed, have it customized/polished, or get used to it.
What I would suggest is to learn trigger reset. This is pretty easy to learn to be honest. Take your gun and make it safe. Empty it completely of all ammo and then check it again. Then, try this:

Put it on "F" and pull the trigger all the way and hold it all the way back even after it "fires". While you're pulling it, you'll feel the initial "creep" before it starts to cock, then you'll feel the pressure from when it actually begins to cock. Once it's cocked the hammer and fired, with your finger still holding the trigger all the way, SLOWLY let it out until you "click". This is where it resets. This will be a lot further back with the hammer cocked, while you're shooting it.

When you take it back to the range, try this. Shoot it, but hold the trigger back, then slowly let it out until you find the reset. It'll take that "creep" out of the trigger.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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