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I was cleaning my lower, and dropped it. I heard a weird noise and then saw that a piece was moved over and the hammer was cocked. The selector didn't want to work right so I followed the instructions in the operator's manual about taking the trigger pack out of the lower. Probably a bad idea on my part, but everything went back together fine. Now the trigger is locked up. It won't go past safe. HELP!

Well, I oiled everything up pretty good and now I got it working for the most part with just the axle side of the safety...once I put the second safety side on it won't work. With just the one side, it moves into 3 rd burst without problems, and then back into semi without problems. If I move it directly into semi only, the trigger kinda hangs up. I don't think something is lined up right.

I just read that the specific trigger group that I have is the 0-1-3 Trigger Group.

The part that popped loose was Part A in this picture.
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