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I bought one of the MKE AT94 carbines and am in the process of assembling the parts needed to swap out the stock for an ATI A3 and HK A2 and also expand the magazine capacity from 10 to 30.

I am going to get the 6 needed parts to avoid the 922r issue (US made magazine is 3, cocking handle, sear, and trigger).

What I need is the following help:
1) Swapping out the 3 non-magazine parts
2) Detaching the MKE A2 stock from the lower (removing welds cleanly, as they are welded together) so that I can keep the stock lower
3) Removing the welded bars inside the magazine well so that I can use 30 round mags

I would like to find someone around Dallas who can do all of this. I will drive as far as I need to. If anyone here can do this work or knows someone in the area who can help I would be EXTREMELY greatful.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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