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Need some help with a holster issue

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If anyone could point in the direction of someone who could make a kydex holster for a very specific purpose for me.

Specifically, I'm looking for an open top holster with two belt loop slots. I'm thinking it should be made out of the thicker/stouter kydex. I'd like to be able to run the straps (belts if you will) around the outside of the holster... Oh, this is for my HK45c...

I watched some youtube video on DIY kydex holster making... I'm sure I could do it, but I'd prefer someone else make it, for a variety of reasons....

And just because I know someone is going to ask. I just switched from standered concealed body armor, to an external armor carrier for daily use. Previously, I carried my HK45c (back up/secondary) in a nylon holster on the straps of my body armor. With the external carrier this will not work the same way, and specifically the nylon holster I'd been using will not work... So, for about the last week I've not had a secondary handgun, which I don't like... Oh, I'm not going to carry it on my ankle, period. But, in looking and measuring, I think I can add some straps to the new carrier and it will hold a kydex holster concealed... my other thought is to run an weak side (left for me) IWB holser, behind all the crap/gear on my left side, and run the holster deep to conceal the gun as much as possible... however, that seems like it would be very uncomfortable, and would be a challenge to get the handgun out, especially in a situation where I need it....

As for the external carrier.... Asside from being the most comfortable way I've ever worn body armor (sometimes for up to 16 hours (or more) at time) I don't like the particular carrier my boss chose... It's one of the ones that is suppose to look like your uniform shirt... Well it doesn't, the tan of our shirts does not match the tan of the carrier, so it is odd looking... but with it being winter, I'm wearing my soft shell jacket all the time so it's not much of an issue right now...

Anyway, I appreciate any help or suggestions.
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What you're describing sounds like a standard Raven Concealment Systems "Phantom."

Just take the OWB belt loops off the body-side of the holster and put them on the outside of the holster, it's a modular design that would allow that.

Check them out. You could also check out PSS, Atomic Dog, or Crown Holsters, all of whom make copies or very similar designs as Raven without the wait.

HK45c as your BUG, huh? That's very Louis Awerbuck of you.

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Thanks fo the info. I'll check them out... Although I see your point, I carry the 45c as a secondary for different reasons than he demonstrates.

I firmly believe a cops "back up" gun should be 2 things. It should be sufficient enough of a gun that you can conduct most anything you'd expect your your primary to do. In short, it should be a fighting gun. If you end up in a bad spot, and either your primary crapped out or you've somehow lost it, your back up has to get the job done. And secondly, it should accept the same mag as your primary... Keeping those 2 requirements in mind, what good is a 1.5 inch 6 shot .380? Where I work, cover is often a very long way away..... Anyway, I digress
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