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need trade advice:USC trade for Mark23

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I have a USC .45acp with a M3 grease gun conversion and its for sale for $1700 on a few forums,I have a guy within an hour away that wants to trade a very Nice Mark 23 for my USC.They seem similar in price (the USC is around $1800 after conversion and extra magazines)but what would be more collectable or worth more down the road.any advice will be appreciated
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I would say the Mark 23. Honestly, I think $1700 to be kinda high for a USC with the gg conversion. More people prefer the true ump conversion which go for much more. I'd take the mark 23 for that.
the USc is a Black body not gray or dyed and has 7 magazines,trijicon front sight and is very clean,the Mark23 comes with a manual,and two magazines and plain black Hk box .Its a "KI" code
Take the Mark 23 unless you LOVE your USC. I'm a handgun man so.... just my 2¢. I would definitely inspect the Mk23 first though if possible before fully committing.
Sounds like a nice rifle and all but I think the mark will be worth more in the long run if it doesn't have a million rounds through it.
suppose to have only 200 rounds through it,What do you look for in a used Mark?He also says its the old "maritime" finish?whatever that is,How do you tell the age?
Those questions I'll leave to those with more experience with the mark platform than I. Definitely post pictures if you can.
found a code breakdown and the "KI" means 1998,does that matter with the MK23?does age effect value?
well then. That looks REAL CLEAN. Do it. Personally, I'd rather have the Mark regardless.... plus, I think the Mark will prove to be the more valuable collector's item. DO IT! Keep us informed on your decision. That's just such a fine example of a Mark 23. I reallllly want it.
will let ya'll know,prob this weekend hopefully
Now I have a guy wanting to trade a HK USPc .40 and a Alexander arms .50 beowulf ,sucks having so many options.
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I would get the MK23 especially since they have been discontinued and I think will increase in value. Also you can always pickup another USC and either get a regular UMP conversion. Of course right now the UMP .45 mags are unobtainium almost but should get better soon from what I have heard. Speaking from somebody who has both Mark 23 and UMP that is my .02 for what it is worth.
Mk23 is my opinion. I loved my USC carbines but I would love even more the Mk23.
forgot to mention that I am really wanting to sell the USC so what ever I trade for I am prob just going to sell,The Beowulf and the USP40 would just be for sale,so would the Mark23 if I get it.Thats why I am wondering what would be worth more for sale in "todays" market.
If you are going to just sell or trade want ever you get you might end up making 100 bucks if you go with the MK23. I think you could turn around the MK 23 faster. 50 beowolf is a novelty and very expensive so people might shy away from the gun.
+1 on the 23 as it's always referee to as "the" model to have. It'll likely hold or even increase in value so it's a smart business move, too.
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