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Committed to buying mags then backed out when a cheaper deal appeared after my wts post.

Here are the emails

"B.Wood,IF these are for the 9mm compact,Ill take three.AE Bratfisch on HKPro"

"Good to go.PMO out tomorrow.TIA,AEB"

Then I rcvd this:

"Brian,Sorry to be a **** head but Mouseboy sold me 4 for $99.00.I wont need yours.sorry,Doug"

Here is my reply:

A mans word is a mans word



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Coming clean

To my many friends & fellow enthusiasts,thanks for coming to my aid & "not leaving me behind".To one sorehead,who must not have a real life,surly one can find a part time job somewhere to find fulfillment and relieve us from hearing about your small town stress syndrome.AEB
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