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Committed to buy my MR556's Upper on the basis that I'd only part it out should I find a buyer for the lower. Found and committed to a buyer for my lower, told him so, then backed out. Really not a cool thing to do, man.

"Joe -

Had to leave negative feedback on HKPro. That's really not a cool thing to do.

You know that I didn't want to part it out. Its much more of a hassle to have to ship two things than one, but you committing to buy the upper allowed me to part it out safely should I find a buyer, and of course I did find a buyer. Now that I've committed to him to sell (I won't back out of a deal), you've put me in the situation to have to sell the upper by itself, which is a much more difficult sell.

Perhaps you should not commit to buy something when you have leads out on other things.

Again, not cool. Negative feedback left.

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