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I dont take pleasure in this Dan40 but I have to do it.

Seller had 3 USP .45 10 round mags for sale.

1. Contacted seller via thread response as well as PM within hours after his post to sell.
2. Seller contacted me with reservations about shipping to "restricted" states in terms of magazine capacity.
3. Told seller Ohio is NOT a ban state and that I would send him a link via PM so that he could view the laws personally so he felt comfortable.
4. Seller noted on thread "sold pending funds."
5. PM'ed seller with link from Ohio Attorney General Website stating Ohio rules and regs relating to magazine restrictions. (Ohioans MAY have mags LEGALLY that hold more than 30 rounds, HOWEVER, they may not load more than 30 into said magazine or it is considered a "machinegun.")
6. PM'ed seller for pics of his mags and supplied an email address for correspondance.
7. Seller PM'ed me stating ok he would but he was "still nervous about selling mags to anyone."
8. I PM'ed immediatly and asked for clarification and what the issue was. No response...
9. PM'ed seller the next morning and stating I was in a free state and 10 round mags are a non point here but I wasnt sure what else I could do to ease his mind other than send him the laws. I advised him to jsut wait for a gun show to come around in his area and off load mags that way because at that point I did not see a good outcome on the horizon after spending half a day for 3 magazines.
10. Seller PM'ed later and stated, "Believe it or not I went into safe this morning to take pics an all I have were the 12 roudners which I do not want to sell I kept looking for them until I realized I gave to my brother. I was 5 minutes late to work lol. Sorry this is the truth not trying to make up a story."

The long and short is that

A. It is OK to follow the rules governing firearms/parts in fact it is what this site stands for and why I stay here, BUT, if you are that worried or unsure of selling to different states, DO NOT POST THINGS FOR SALE. I did everything in my power to ease the mind of the seller but in the end it did nothing and only illustrated a lack of basic knowledge of nationwide magazine/firearms laws. 10 ROUND MAGS ARE FINE, NOT AN ISSUE.

B. VERIFY THE PRODUCT YOU ARE SELLING IS IN YOUR POSESSION/READILY AVAILABLE SHOULD SALE GO THROUGH. Telling me later, after I cancelled due to the drama of it all, that YOU FORGOT YOU GAVE THEM TO YOUR BROTHER is not acceptable on this board. If sale would have gone through and money would have been sent only to find out mags were not in his possesion it would have been much worse.

I just stated facts here and nothing more. All correspondance has been saved. My personal feeling as to how you "forgot" that you gave 3 $50 mags to your brother are irrelevant. I will however give Dan40 credit for staying in contact and not just dissapearing into cybespace. I just feel it could have gone smoother if he would have done a little more due dilligence before deciding to post here.
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