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Negative for G0ldbr1ck

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I feel really bad for having to do this, but I just... I can't even get a hold of this guy anymore.

We made a trade, my AR for his USP, and everything went very well. He even brought out a bunch of ammo and a few nice HK's to let me shoot, and we had a blast doing some shooting together. Then, he wanted to purchase a couple drums I had for the AR I was giving him, and I took him on his word that he would send payment for them. I'm a trusting guy.

That's where I went wrong, I guess.

You see, this happened in September. Since then, I have records of tons of PM's sent to him, cell phone calls, text messages. and everything I could think of. Once a month, or so, I would finally reach him and he would tell me things like, "Oh, the holidays..." or "I have some more guns for sale, it will be on it's way shortly" and he even told me that he was hospitalized once. I gave him more time, and told him to get better and we would worry about it then. I understand that extenuating circumstances can arise, but I feel like I have given him lots and lots of time to send just $200.

The last time I spoke to him was over a month ago, I think. So, it's negative feedback. I'm sorry, man.
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I have now learned, from his widow, that Robert passed away three weeks ago.

My heart and prayers go out to his family and friends.
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