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Negative for hk21man (Michael Otte)

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In 2011 Michael Otte contacted me to place a large order of parts and requested pricing.

Parts requested:
(300) HK Flash Hiders used, cheapest possible.
(50) Used G3 extractors
(50) Used G3 extractor springs
(25) Used G3 Mag Catch Sets
(25) POF Black Pistol Grips

With exception of the flash hiders this is the common order Michael Otte had placed once a year.

Upon my reply Michael Otte said he wished to order those parts and asked for a total to send payment. Before responding I counted those parts up and found we could not fill the order. We did not have the quantity he needed and were very low on a couple items. I told him I could not accept his bulk vendor order at this time.

Mr. Otte became upset and started acting weird. He then called my business, spoke to my mother and cursed her out on the phone while demanding she take the order. Upon learning this I made the decision to never sell to Michael Otte or Micheal's Machines again. (my business, my right, my freedom)

Since that time Michael has attempted to make straw purchases for the exact same parts in bulk quantity. The second of which was a local Arizona customer. I emailed this customer asking if this was for Micheal's Machines and he respond yes it was. We have had no less then 5 names place straw purchases for Michael and we have rejected each sale.

At the SAR show December 2011 Michael was angry that I mentioned the fact we don't ship to him to the people who made straw purchases. He admitted making straw purchases even though I told him we will no longer due business with him.

It's obvious based on Michael's own comments that he plans to use these straw purchases as his next form of attack.

I hope HKpro members realize this when the inevitable happens and these straw people become members and post negative feedback.

The entirety of Mr. Otte's posts and negative feedback towards me is based on these transactions and my desire to not do business with him. He is acting like a childhood bully that thinks he can get his way by being loud and unprofessional.

On top of all this nonsense Michael Otte placed an order on my shopping cart last night. I'm sure this plays into his negative feedback plot as well. As previously stated, we will not ship this order.

Note to Micheal's Machines and Dakota Tactical customers:

First of all both parties send their customers almost exclusively to Second, I have never refused a customer order that was being sent to either party. The only order I have refused was a bulk quantity order with pricing discounts that was placed directly by Michael Otte himself. Once informed we wouldn't ship this to him, he has had no less than five people attempt to place the exact same order on our shopping cart. Again we're talking about a bulk quantity order with very specific parts. No single customer build requires 50 used extractors, 50 used extractor springs, 25 used mag catch sets and 25 POF black grips.

I have tried to not reply to this nonsense and to not be tit for tat. I have worked extensively with Straitgrain trying to have their feedback and other negative posts removed as they do not pertain to HKpro. In my opinion there feedback and posts are not in following with HKpro rules. I have been informed that my only option is to post my own negative feedback and post replies and I see necessary.

Robert Johnson
RTG Parts
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Your a coward and a liar.
I will post the emails between us on this order.
All will see you are a liar and one of the false "reasons" will come out.
Everyone will see there is no reason for this other than to hurt my business and other builders/customers
mainly because of your problem with Adam Webber at
I have never cursed out your mother or any other employee at any other business.
As stated before your mother would only say "we can't fill that order" over and over again and
I asked why and the same reply. Asked if you were in the parts business and now would not sell parts.
NEVER a 4 letter word or foul language at her you or anyone else. So you are a liar.
But you won't so I will.
You have a problem with Adam Webber because his business it outstanding and affecting yours (just wait) and I do busniess with him.
You endorse Ghille's builds and try to hurt Joe's business. The evidence is clear by Jeff's own words.
You think not selling me a few parts for my 23E's will somehow help Beltfed Inc. catch up (what a joke).
I make everything I need which is why I not sweating it but people need to know the REAL reason not some BS lame excuse.
Have a nice day Robert
Michaels Machines
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