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Negative for Instante

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I would be careful in dealing with this one. I don't know what happened we had a deal for him to buy 3 HK factory Mk23 mags from me for $100. He sent me his address and e-mail info and stated my money was in the mail. I am glad that I did not send the mags before I got my money because after waiting 3 weeks I finally sold them to someone else.

Like I said I don't know if something happened or if it was some attempt to get me to send my mags to him and not get paid. He has also not responded to PMs or E-mails. Be careful doing business with him I know I won't do any with him.
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My mistake I did find that he responded to a E-mail on 8-22 it was yet another broken promise to send my money for the mags. I am also getting PMs from others with no posts or very low posts (3) with a poor pitiful story about this guy. I don't buy it and don't trust him if he reads this don't try to do any more bus. with me.

I got even more mad when I found that E-mail and people with zero posts here sending me PMs to take down my negative posting. I am WARNING the rest of you something is up with this guy I would avoid him if I were you.
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