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JNAP94 agreed to purchase my HK MR762 on 05/29/2012.
We spoke on the phone. He agreed to purchase the rifle.
I sent JNAP94 an invoice and ffl via email and he replied that he received the invoice and ffl.
At this point I let him know that I would send the rifle as soon as I received funds and agreed.

I have been waiting for the funds for more thank two weeks.
I have sent 2 emails, left 2 voicemails and 1 PM asking when I could expect funds.
Keep in mind I did not bombard him with payment demands. I waited more than 10 days before inquiring about the payment.
Then, instead of letting me know he changed his mind, he opted to just ignore all communication.

Today 06/16/2012 JNAP94 answered his phone and proceeded to tell me he had forgotten about the purchase and is no longer interested.
Are you serious. You forgot?
After 2 weeks of PM's, emails and voice messages.

I don't know JNAP personally. I only have one experience regarding him and it is most certainly negative.

I had a couple of other buyers back out of sales. They let me know soon after the sale and I reposted the item without issue.
I did not flag them, post negative feedback or otherwise. In fact, I thanked them for trying and wished them good luck.

My problem with the one transaction I had with JNAP94 is that he waited 2 weeks and ignored all communication.
I held on to the rifle for 2 weeks because I didn't want to sell it to someone else and leave him hanging.

Hope this info helps someone out.


Mike K.


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Sorry for everything that happened, you are right I should have contacted you right away. Truth be told I got ripped off for $2000 on Texas Gun Trader for a SCAR 16s that I had made a deal for a week or so before you. Ad was stamped TGT GOLD which my understanding is supposed to be a long time member in good standing with all positive feedback. At same time that this was going on came across alot of negative feedback for the MR762, Not your fault HK neuters their civilian guns I know.. there really is no excuses except for embarrassment that I got scammed out of $2000 with no way to resolve it..I tried the TGT moderators with no response!!! Person kept in touch even after payment was received for about 10 days. After getting ripped off for $2k, between the embarrassment and trying to hunt down the person on the other end I just bailed on the HK deal. Should have called for that I appoligize!! I have all positive feedback on FN and GB this was truly and extraordinary event. You are in Texas, what would you do?? Address is in El Paso probably on other side of border. House is in semi rural area as I Google Earthed the addy.. sorry again for any inconveniences I caused you and your business. Hope TGT gets there crap together!!! As I was trying to find this person their site also crashed my and my buddies computers with some very new virus as we both have the lattest and greatest virus protection and it fired his laptop and put mine in the hospital 3x... Enough of that place..
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