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Fired 6 mags through it today. Very impressed. The sights and grip were fine and very usable. The pistol handled recoil very well.

The first two mags were shot with Speer Lawman 124gr TMJ ammo. Great start for the pistol - no issues and very tight accuracy (firing at Q-target at 10 yards).

The next two mags, I used bulk Remington UMC 115gr. The slide did not lock back after the last round - but otherwise fired the ammo without issue. I've noted in the past that this ammo seems to have a light charge. It doesn't work well at all in my MP5K (select fire).

The last two mags were shot with the Speer ammo. No issues at all.

I fired some groups slow and some in pairs/drills (Mozambique).

When firing slow, offhand - The Speer ammo stayed within about 1.5" at 10 yards. The UMC ammo was about twice that.

The person next to me at the range got an earful about my dissatisfaction with the UMC ammo, but otherwise - I have nothing but good things to say about the P30.
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