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Not new to shooting or guns

New to H&K
Just picked up a HK416 .22 Cal. for my Grandson first rifle !
He is stoked , also bagged a few extra mags !
My first impression was WOW it feels solid , I like the fact that many parts from the 416 F/S will fit !
The first hundred rounds we shot in my back yard range , At 35ft it was spot on out of the box and NOT cleaned yet. Very impressed
I am now strongly leaning on the fence to buy one for me as his father is also looking to buy one lol.
I may rent the F/S one as well at the GS Range so we may have a bigger HK family soon lol'
So of to hitting the search box to see what I can dig up on the 416 .22

Thanks for any info or links to add ons :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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