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I have a 9SD Tactical on layaway. It comes with 2x15 round mags. Do all USP 9mm 15 round mags fit this pistol? Also, if I purchase a Jet Funnel, my understanding is this allows the use of 18 round mags - does this restrict me to 18 rounders?

I obviously have more research to do on this USP - I have a few other HKs: a 91, a Top Notch "G36-ish" clone, SL8-6, and a P30 (that I haven't shot yet - shame, shame).

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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Keep in mind if you do put in the jet funnel, it takes all of 30 seconds to install. And after installation, it takes you under 10 seconds to take the funnel off so you can utilized normal mags. It's nice to have choices :D
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