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Hello Gents,

New guy from Texas here. I've been snooping around on this forum for quite some time, and finally finished my build and decided it was time to introduce myself and my ladies.

I've had my USP 9 tactical for a few years, and I've run over 4,000rds without issue through it. Love that gun.

Its taken a bit of time to put together my PSG-1 clone build, starting with a PTR-91 FR. I've shot it plenty with factory components, but have just recently started using it in a pseudo DMR fashion. I'll begin by listing the parts involved in the build, starting from the front.

-MFI G28 flash "hider"
-HK wide hand guard
-HK21 Charging handle
-RTG bipod / OR / Harris SBRM
-Warne R.A.M.P mount
-SWFA SS 3-15 FFP mil-mil
-Pinned & Welded lower
-Denny Williams SG1 Set Trigger
-PSG-1 Walnut Grip
-PCS Extended Heavy Buffer
-Magpul PRS2


NOTE: The RTG Bipod was a little disappointing, especially after waiting a few months for it to be back in stock. The legs were both pretty sloppy and lose, hanging off the hand guard between an inch and a centimeter. Thankfully, that was an easy fix and the legs now lock up very tight.

NOTE: The HK21 Charging handle did not fit properly against the wide handguard. This called for a bit of file work, but no problems there.

NOTE: ......nothing is cooler than a PSG grip and a Denny Williams SG1 trigger pack......except maybe a full PSG trigger pack

And now....a picture dump.

NOTE: The target shows 5-shot groups using 4 different types of ammo: GoodtogoAmmo 168 Match / FGMM 168 / Perfecta 147 / Aguila 150
-Only 3 rounds of Perfecta landed on the target (I stupidly grouped one with the Aguila)
-The FGMM grouped best, I didn't measure it but looks close to 1.5"
-I'm sure the gun can shoot better than I am currently, this was the first time shooting it at 100yd with glass

Anyways, let me know if you guys have any questions or anything like that.

Cheers gents,
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