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Wow, new to HK's and HK PRO and was surprised to see 4 viewing this form. Anyway, hello from Idaho.

A little background, I am a NRA Parton Member, member of the 101st ABN Association (I think...unless I forgot to send a check, a GSSF member, and a member of a couple of shooting clubs.

I was with the 1/327 INF 101st from 73-74 and 4/6 INF Berlin Brigade 74-76. I was a grunt that was assigned to the arms room and in 1975 the M1911's that I massaged won the Berlin Military games that included other U.S. units along with British (and French?) INF Battalions.

I was on a 45 kick for a couple of decades and own 1911's, Glocks, Smith Wheelguns, etc. and one HK in that caliber. The one HK is a USP CT which I though of selling. After shooting 9mm for the last few years and then one day decided to go blow some rounds threw it, it changed my mind and it is suppressor ready if the hearing act is signed by #MAGA...
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